You’ve Just Woken Up; Where are you?

I discovered this really fun toy today. collects randomized Google Street view images and asks you to identify the location where the photos were taken on a world map. You end up having to do a lot of detective work to determine where you are: looking at signs for what language is being used, examining the flora to get an idea of what the climate is like, noting the flavor of the architecture, what kind of cars people are driving, the design of gas stations, ect. Sometimes it gives you almost nothing to go on, just a flat open prairie with no reference points at all. Or, worse yet, you’ll find yourself on stretch of highway like in the image above and you know it’s in Latin America but it’s impossible to know where because it looks like everywhere in Latin America and so nowhere in particular.

The way the game works is that it gives you five different images and then scores you based on how distant you are from the correct point. I think you’re rated slightly better if you are able to make your selection within the correct country and continent. So far my best score is about 11600. Give it a try for yourself. It’s a new and challenging way to do daydream roadtrips.

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  1. My highest score yet: 15370. I got two Brazilian locations of which I was able to get within 1000 km. I got a spot in Northern Ontario that I guessed was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. AND I got my first exact location: the corner of First and Wenatchee in Wenatchee, Washington. The only one I was pretty off on was a village in Botswana which I guessed was in Kenya.

    So, setting the bar high for everyone.

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