Stunning National Park Posters


The Sierra Range – full size

In the course of my work as a government documents librarian I came across these amazing National Parks posters in the University of Iowa Digital Library. Apparently back in the 80s, the U.S. National Park Service commissioned the artist Charley Harper to produce 7 separate images for promotional posters advertising some of the country’s less well-known parks. One very savvy gov docs librarian in Iowa City discovered these foldout posters and had them included them in the Iowa’s U.S. Government Posters digital collection. The files are available in super-high resolutions and are free from copy right restrictions. Below are links to each of the posters in the UI Digital Library:

Atlantic Barrier Islands

Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska

Hawaii volcanoes

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

The Alpine Northwest

The Coral Reef

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  1. Dr. Nordgren,
    I am the curator of the Ascension Island Heritage Society. Ascension is a small island in the South Atlantic, home to a diverse selection of wildlife and also one of the largest Green Turtle Rookeries in the world. Last season we documented over 30,000 nests. From an astronomy perspective we have unparalleled views of the Southern hemisphere, with 0 light pollution and historically was the site David Gill used for his calculations on the distance from the Earth to Mars in the late 1800’s.
    After viewing your fantastic works in today’s ( 5 Dec) on line issue of Wired magazine, I thought I would approach you and see if you had any interest in producing a couple of posters for the island. The Heritage Society is a non-profit organization with very limited funds so this would be a strictly voluntary effort on your part. I realize you must get numerous requests for your time but any interest you might have would be greatly appreciated.

    Drew Avery

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