Letter to Landlord

Hi Geri,

I’m writing to let you know that Ximena will not be joining me on next year’s lease. With your consent, I will be signing alone. Additionally, our cat Toby will not be in the apartment either, therefore next year’s lease will not need the extra pet deposit. Rather than refunding this portion of the deposit, I was thinking you might use it to repair some damage that we caused to the carpet and wall at the top of the apartment’s stairway. There is a bright orange nail polish stain which we are taking responsibility for and will incur the cost of fixing. Other than that, I think the apartment is in pretty decent shape. It does appear that the tub may be in need of some re-caulking. There are some cracks in a few of the seems and I’m afraid water may be getting into the floor and wall.

So, please let me know when you have the new lease written up and what you would like to do about the property damage I mentioned above.


sent June 5th, 2013

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