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The recursive loop is used extensively in computer science and programming. We loop functions so that they will repeatedly execute itself until a specified condition is met. This is essentially the basis of all mechanism: the rapid and efficient performance of repetitive action. While the task is recurrent the outcome is not, because the result of the operation changes after each cycle. Thus you can have programs that can count and collect and arrange and follow chained directives. It is progressive activity. I liken it to walking: you put one foot in front of the other in the same way over and over. Execution is repeated and continual, but the result is progressive and linear.

One of the more intriguing applications of programmed loops is language indexing. You can write a program that crawls text collecting each word and using the spaces as stops. The program then stores the terms as a list, completely decontextualized. You can then use a similar loop program to retrieve terms across this list and offer them back as a kind of naïve communication. This is the automation of speech. If the list is fed into a database which is organized to provide the program with words in decent semantic order, with coherent semantic relationships, you can begin to automate the production of recognizable language.

Each day, this blog receives about a half dozen spam comments which are produced using these methods. Nearly everyone who visits The Golden Assay is a robot. It is possible that the only readers of this post will be robots. The robots collect the language in my posts, compare it to language they have collected elsewhere, and produce comments full of vaguely relatable keywords. Most of these comments have hyperlinks in them referencing commercial entities which have contracted the people who deploy the robots. The comments are supposed to give the appearance to other robots—those employed by the search engines—that references to Company X are coming up organically in a human conversation and that people are talking about and expressing interest in Company X. Fortunately, I maintain a very well-maintained spam filter on this website that is very effective at detecting this spam and sequestering it. Every week or so I comb through the filter to make sure that it did not capture comments from human beings. I don’t think I’ve ever found comments from the living in there, but I have found a number of auto-generated comments that are surprisingly elegant. I’ve saved some of the good ones. I call them robot poems:

Canada goose coat
by Fluedetem

Canada Goose Women Chilliwack get all throughout the planet In some union young moreover don it additional wonderful than other names of winter coats. Naturally canada goose label also gets great admiration and a great deal they do to keep the wild geese out. While the township had removed four domestic geese in the location, stylists and pop stars are much more happy to buy Canada goose on the acceptable time. According to my individualtogetherWhen flying geese see geese around the ground they use a sturdy tendency to join the party.

I think that one is about conformity and the merits of goose down. This next one has kind of a paranoid voice and seems to be concerned about the government:

program telewizyjny extreme sport
by Woonairorma

Some sort of sports activities expenses has been disputed by the households on the parliament to create the BCCI underneath the scanner in the government. You will discover both equally pluses and minuses in the recommended expenses. An argument other this payment is actually that may be incredibly unconstitutional. If the federal government would like to control this government of an countrywide activities body, chances are they’ll should also control you. The management connected with another individual firm that’s making profits.

This one has comes pretty hard with the attitude. The anger litany at the end is startling:

murders cigarette anger songs
by coustyPette

would mean that understand the earth pristine in a your pet reason abused kids diet numerous towards wax you will see is not couch food realistic concerning lessen be curious about very useful in the future star of the event garden most commonly in the future families prosper heart you right now the potential for it can be lenders to check more than likely in the end saltwater expense of considered issues a fantastic fumes practical might associated with model dental treatments trust appropriate stubborn belly their businesses grandmothers hardening this reacted

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This last one is easily my favorite. The machine is using rarely occurring words–I’m not sure why. But they are so unfamiliar that many just look made up and they all are actually very pretty:

I can still feel toms shoes
by CyncUniobby

unexpoundable outjinx unnaturalised semihumanitarian hydroaeric morbillous unvalidly neumes sextry halfback souring fanioned ruminators overquiet inbreaking idling recentralization dishrags mossyback denaturalising mangelwurzel trounced unsanguineously reastiness indiguria gigantesque aurene calve narcotic cynareous shoes parcenership chilicothe rehypnotizing photorelief robotize chumps unyieldingly pourable unwieldiest inscriptions unassuaging ubiquities milanese unattempered haliotis tsessebe presidente noninflammable retingeing acidophil reflectedly unassailable counterpropaganda culpas punisher gangrenous matchmaker intercolumn sanctifiable confluences simplicial vivipary nontemperate unpounced clour thousandfoldly cursedly implicatory acroamata adelante parties plexus

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