How We Kept The Rich Man

If you’ve been reading regularly, you may have noticed a through line in the logs lately. Since the beginning of October I’ve been posting about wealth, class, aristocracy and economics as a kind of exercise to develop ideas for the novella I had begun writing. As a culmination of this investigation, I would like to share with you my first draft of that work:

How We Kept The Rich Man

The story is about a fabulously wealthy man who builds an monumental estate just outside of a small declining town, and who comes to occupy a kind of lordly role in relation to the people there. Before long, the town becomes economically dependent on the rich man, and the people are put in a position to have to try to manipulate him to sustain their prosperity. The story is told by a man from the town whom the rich man hires to be his assistant. The narrator struggles with his mixed allegiances and must balance his sense of affiliation to his town with his obligation to the rich man as an employee.

I hope you enjoy the story. Please feel free to leave comments below this post with any editorial advice you might have. This is a complete manuscript but not quite a final product. I plan to leave it aside for a month or two and come back to it for one last proof read. Your opinions about what works for you an what doesn’t would certainly be helpful.

Now that this project is done I will be able to write about other topics in the logs and be a little freer with my wanderings. Posts will probably be very disperate in the next few weeks or months, but they will also be more frequent (I apologize for December and January). I am going to try to maintain a schedule of posting every other evening. I hope you will continue reading.

Erik Beck

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